february 23

Register to compete by submitting Pitch Videos & Executive Summaries
(deadline: midnight)

The executive summary should be one page maximum, 12 point font, and margins of 1″ on all sides.

For guidance please reference the judging rubric.

Pitch Video Guidelines

  • No more than two minutes
  • VIMEO or YouTube format
  • Submitted via the website

The highest scoring pitch videos will:

  • Be compelling – show your passion for the project and why it is necessary/important
  • Share the details of your project in a succinct and clear way- what it is you are doing and who is the target audience
  • Demonstrate quality and professionalism through the video presentation – you will be judged on your creativity and how the video holds the judges’ attentions
  • Include the dollar amount you are seeking to raise and what it will be used for
    • The amount doesn't need to correlate with NEC prize money amounts
    • This is your first round of seed money and should be no more than an $100,000 ask
    • This amount should correlate with how much it will cost you to create your minimal viable product

Additional resources for Pitch Video creation can be found under the resource tab.

march 5

Finalists Announced

Eight teams in each category will move on to submit a business plan. Twenty four total teams compete in the Final Investor Pitches.

March 23

Finalist Business Plans Submitted
(deadline: midnight)

Finalists will submit their business plans (between 4-8 pages in length) on March 23rd. 2018.

For guidance please reference the judging rubric.

april 17

Northwest Entrepreneur Competition's Final Investor Pitches

Each team will have 10 minutes to make an oral presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions from judges.

Presentation aids, media, and/or prototypes are encouraged.

This is the final pitch to the judges; all of whom have read and rated the finalist business plans. 

The top three teams in each category are awarded prize money.

This is an all day event starting with student presentations, transitioning to a networking reception and commencing with the awards ceremony.